Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*midweek madness.

We've been in production at The Place That Pays the Mortgage, and I've edited an issue for The Place That Keeps the Lights On, and I've completed a project for The Place That Will Be Invaluable Should the Dead and Blighted Tree Finally Turn Its Kamikaze Effort to the Woodside Roof.

And motherfather I'm exhausted. Go on, world. Go on with your bad self, with your apostrophes in all the wrong places


and your inappropriate quotation marks

most hilarious misuse of quotation marks ever

and your egregious spelling mishaps.

Church of the Brethren Christmas Message

Because I am tired. I am tired and I am busy. Busybusybusybusy. Just ask J.

jake stirs.

He knows that my frenetic pace has kept me glued to the computer screen, unable to mercilessly pester him as he attempts to nap.

I have tasks to tackle, social functions to grace, lawns to mow, and unmentionables to launder.

rabbit's foot.

I certainly didn't have the sort of time on my hands this weekend to be sitting in my pajamas on the sofa at noon, taking wonky portraits of an increasingly irritated dog.

dead dog.


OK, back to "work."




my foodgawker gallery



I am a work in progress. I perpetually need a hair cut. I'm totally devoted to my remarkable nieces and nephew. I am an elementary home cook and a magazine worker bee. (Please criticize my syntax and spelling in the comments.) I think my dog is hilarious. I like chicken and spicy things. I have difficulty being a grown-up. Left to my own devices, I will eat enormous amounts of cheese snacks of all kinds.