*november challenge, obliterated.


Where have I been? Well, let's just say that the November Challenge was met with something much more challenging, something so tenaciously difficult that arbitrary goal-setting just didn't have the same meaning it once had. Which is to say, any at all. 

What do you eat in hospitals, in ICUs and CCUs and PCUs? Who knows. Who cares? There are foods that we call comfort foods, normally the creamy, starchy, cheesy sorts of foods, and I know that I for one turn to them over and over again for all the soothing warmth and fullness that they do provide. But then there are things for which there is no comfort.



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I am a work in progress. I perpetually need a hair cut. I'm totally devoted to my remarkable nieces and nephew. I am an elementary home cook and a magazine worker bee. (Please criticize my syntax and spelling in the comments.) I think my dog is hilarious. I like chicken and spicy things. I have difficulty being a grown-up. Left to my own devices, I will eat enormous amounts of cheese snacks of all kinds.