Tuesday, September 23, 2008

*wed and wild.

Thank you, Gwinnett Daily Post.

Thank you.

Best wishes to the happy couple!


at: 2:52 PM said...

Oh no! That was horrible! More clothes - less kissing!


John-Bryan Hopkins says:
at: 3:36 PM said...

Girl that make me hungry!! Ill take some scattered hashbrowns and grill cheese with bacon on it.

"Elaine Pick up!!"

Jenny Walls Robb says:
at: 9:31 PM said...

i just watched that three times in a row and i am crying. i love how they "found out" he had to work. nice planning. I also love the cigarette in one hand, bouquet in the other.... priceless.

at: 5:47 AM said...

Oh my...I am beginning to understand Hillary voters for McCain....

K. says:
at: 3:48 PM said...

jenny: i was floored. truly. i watched it over and over and over. christian chicks ... the disgruntled, pregnant maid of honor ... the bridesmaid garb meant to coordinate with the WH decor .... the smashed ... what, exactly? in the face ... too. much. awesomeness.

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