Wednesday, March 10, 2010

*on a roll.

I hate that I've been away from the Woodside for so long—there have been epic numbers of dramatic falls, awkward encounters, conversation failures, job changes, car fiascos, and dangerous run-ins with trees since last we spoke—but I'm afraid there just isn't any time in my life anymore.

And by that I mean "time not spent drinking Cabernet on the sofa while staring dumbly at the television and trying to figure out what Oprah's preaching at me this week. Also, brushing unidentifiable food crumbs off my person and out of my hair."

There are always those times the world has you under its thumb, and in times like those sometimes there's only one thing left to do: Sometimes you just gotta roll over.

stella grin.


stella right.

tummy time.


stella roll.

stella bum.


Ole Miss Mom says:
at: 5:50 PM said...

OH my goodness...she is really SOO SOO cute!



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