Monday, August 03, 2009

*camera shy.

It isn't easy to photograph people. As a general rule, they're self-conscious and squirmy.

That's why some of my favorite moments happen when people don't know the camera is trained on them.

corn dad.

There's quiet concentration,


quintessential contentment,

tavi smile.

and ear-to-ear happiness.

But every once in a while, you point the camera directly at a person, despite his protestations, and something miraculous happens. You don't know quite when or how, but you know in that split second that you have managed to capture something truly discrete, something tremendous. I don't know much about photography—I have a point-and-shoot camera, and I point it and shoot it. I'll never be the next Annie Leibovitz or Ansel Adams. But this weekend? This weekend I made magic.

nice martin.

Thank you, BiL.


at: 7:02 PM said...

Wow, that makes me proud.

Gary says:
at: 11:15 AM said...

You use a point and shoot camera? Even for the pictures of the food and the leaves? They look so good. What kind is it, if you don't mind? I think I want one.

K. says:
at: 11:40 AM said...

gary: thanks! yes, it's an itty bitty point-and-shoot, but it has a macro setting i can't get enough of (food/leaves). it's the canon powershot sd1000, as seen here:

rock on in your plaid pants, sir.



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