Tuesday, March 24, 2009

*geek tweaks.

Today I spent an absolutely overindulgent amount of time playing around with The Pioneer Woman's Photoshop actions (set 1). Granted, I do love a straight-out-of-the-camera shot that surprises, but messing with the look was too much fun to resist.

It also proved to me two things:

1. I need a camera that can focus for me (90% of the contents of my iPhoto library was too blurry to be useful).

2. I need Photoshop.

Addendums 3

I need to win the lottery.

and 4

I need to redefine the word "need."

Messing around with spots of color is always fun.

hamachi wasabi.

OK, so I need a little practice. The edges on that wasabi are messy as hell.

TwinFin gets a little de-colorizing,

twin fin.

the better to emphasize his endless wackiness.

JB: The Brown Period.


Forgive the manic expression—red eye removal is not a perfect science, so he's a little bit zombie in that left eyeball. Not his fault, as he is perfectly able to focus in real time.

Ah, the good old days. Remember way back in 2009? The photo has aged, but the memories live on.

new year.

Good times.*

*Note to self: When inauthenticizing photographs to look "vintage," choose those without modern appliances in the background.

This is my favorite so far, though.

foodimentary guy.

Handsome and kicky. Typecasting.


Ole Miss Mom says:
at: 5:57 PM said...

I also love the pioneer womans actions...and have even made up some of my own!! We have CS3 and I love it!!

What kinda of camera do you have that doesn't focus??

at: 6:51 PM said...

I use her's too! I have both sets. Also - try Totally Rad Actions - their big sets have to be bought, but they have a sample of 3 you can get for free from each of their two sets. I use them all the time!!!

And I bought CS2 from ebay last year. Brand new in a box. It was $150. Now that CS4 is out you might be able to get it even cheaper. I wish I knew the beauty of Photoshop back when I was working on it every day!!! I could have cloned out the poop on that kid's shirt myself!!!

kate says:
at: 4:10 PM said...

Man. I haven't thought about photoshop since December . . .

If you're interested in watching some really cool photoshop action, you should get KT to take you down to see Alfred and Bill work for a little while. It's amazing.



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