Monday, January 26, 2009

*close to godliness.

Tonight the Woodside had a come to Jesus. It is an abject MIRACLE the Christmas tree came down, because we just haven't seen a clean-up 'round these parts in many moons.

Frankly I was beginning to fear for my life. It was all a matter of what would take me first—dirty dishes or dirty laundry. There was also the danger of being crushed beneath the weight of mismatched shoes and/or charity-donation boxes (the result of an attention-deficit-thwarted fraction of an earlier clean-up attempt).

But tonight, this

became this.

(Aren't those hardwoods pretty? It had been so long since I'd seen them.)


became this,


became this,

and this

became this.

Somewhere, my father is prouder than he was at my college graduation.


at: 5:35 AM said... old man is speachless.

What's Next? says:
at: 7:25 AM said...

Wow ... that is a work of art.

at: 7:39 PM said...

So did you move in these pictures?

Oh...It's the same house!

Wow. should make art out of those wonderful tree limbs from outside.

It looks wonderful.



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