Sunday, December 28, 2008

*shot out of a canon.

Guess what! I got a camera for Christmas!

Guess what! It has a digital macro setting!

Guess what! I can't stop taking close-ups of random subjects!

Guess what! You can click on each image for more detail!

Bottega tiramisu, a la Frank Stitt.

Italian meat.

Incarcerated potatoes.

Pepper jelly: a Southern delight.

Thick, briny goat cheese, pepper jelly's bosom buddy.

Tiny, sticky pecan pies with flaky crusts and a proud sheen.

JB's frittata, expertly whipped full of air and studded with corn and tomatoes.


Lime-dusted chip.

P.S. I'm being held captive by exclamation points. Please alert the grammar police. If help doesn't come soon, I'll be forced to write soap-opera-style syndicated comic strips.


Southern Foodette says:
at: 1:24 PM said...

Great pictures! That is what I wanted for Christmas! Maybe next year! See you soon...hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!

John-Bryan Hopkins says:
at: 11:41 AM said...

I know envy is a sin but.....

Your photos are wonderful.

at: 4:30 PM said...

and that's a damn good looking countertop in the background. I'd know that long grain walnut anywhere!

kate says:
at: 4:28 PM said...

ooooooh. fun!!! now i'm seriously hungry! miss you already. hope all is well at the rock this week :).



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