Tuesday, December 23, 2008

*pups on parade.

I know this forum is becoming a little four-legs-and-a-tail-heavy, but industriousness levels hovering around 12% mean I have cleaned, cooked, and shopped for nary a thing in eons, leaving me with little but pup news to report.

A couple of weeks ago, I tagged along with LSis and JLB (plus MJ, A, and E) to the Humane Society.

LSis' friend S works there, and had been trying valiantly for weeks to get us to agree to bring the Impossible Posse down for their glamour shots.

I was justifiably wary—the idea of J in strange environs, flanked by strange dogs and approached menacingly by a new-smelling man in a fake beard struck me as a surefire disaster scenario.

In an attempt to exhaust the tiny gerbil-on-a-wheel that is his neurotic brain, I took him for an epic walk, making him more amenable to just about anything ... including clothes.


JLB insisted the Posse all don their gay apparel for the occasion.

Shot 1: The group shot.

What you see: J, psyched to find a bed, plopped his happy ass down instantly. Roscoe (determined Maltese) and Sam (devoted poodle) had no interest in the camera. They only have eyes for JLB. Layla (dear, lazy beagle) and Sissy (lap-obsessed Chihuahua) were DECIDEDLY less than interested in "sit."

What you don't see: LSis holding down beagle and Chihuahua butts. (S Photoshopped her right on out.) Also, S behind the camera, making a slew of animal noises that weren't meant to come from a human. J particularly enjoyed the duck noise.

Shot 2: Case in point.

He's all, "WHERE IS THE DUCK?" Having brain space occupied by gerbils will do that to a dog.

Shot 3: LSis' insistence.

Christmas picture with my life partner. Not a little ridiculous. Though the coat, I think you'll agree, is tremendous.

Shot 4: Sissy solo.

Perfect little lady crossed her paws and had the perfect image in three shots. Show-off.

Shot 5: Roscoe and Sam sit still (momentarily).

You can't blame them, really. Roscoe was dogged in his attempts to determine WHAT WAS BEHIND THE GREEN CURTAIN. They could have used him in Oz. Sam rocked his rapper chain in quiet resilience, until it all became too much and he hadtogetbacktomomrightnow.

Shot 6: Loo takes a nap.

Poor lady. Always on the lookout for the nearest soft place to curl. To her credit, those are some irresistible bedroom eyes.

To all who linger here: Happy Holidays to all, and to all a wet nose.


What's Next? says:
at: 5:55 PM said...

Awwww ... it WAS fun. And they were all so good! This should be a holiday tradition for us! Roscoe and Sam send their own little Ho Ho Ho!



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