Tuesday, November 25, 2008

*cold shoulders.

Last night, just as the temperature dropped into freezing territory, my furnace died.

Last night, after I cleaned out the air filter, I created a mud puddle in my backyard that led to in-house paw prints of epic proportions.

Last night, when I was trying to see if I needed a new fuse for the furnace, I dropped the existing fuse 5 feet down into the ductwork.

Last night, when I tried to buy a new fuse, the orange-aproned dude said, "What does this go to?" and when I said, "The fuse box," he made me feel like the idiot I clearly am.

This morning, I got yet another HAPPY DELINQUENT PAYMENT! card from my car-financing company.

This afternoon, I paid a very nice man from a heating-and-air-conditioning company $165 to tell me I'm a slob.

This evening, I drifted a little bit, into sadness and regret and worry.

But now, for just a minute, I kicked up my heels.


What's Next? says:
at: 4:58 PM said...

Oh Katie, we will kick up our heels this weekend. Well maybe I won't. But we will eat good food, drink nice wine and be happy being and content. I'm sorry you had such a bad night.

What's Next? says:
at: 4:59 PM said...

I need to proof read before hitting send.

at: 7:33 PM said...

It could be worse. After all of this the smug repairman could have called the even more smug salesman to come make a sales pitch to you for a new furnace. Who then requested "the man of the house" be present for the pitch because obviously the "little lady" couldn't possbily make this decision on her own! Don't use NORRELL heating. Ever.

kate says:
at: 9:21 PM said...

man. i hate cliches, but seriously when it rains it pours. and have you heard they're cutting the heat off for the winter at spc? apparently we're being rationed to one coal a day . . .

cheers to wine, food, and dogs--that can double as heaters if things get really really bad :).

at: 8:37 AM said...

Buck up everyone....we are in this for the long haul! Have a great Thanksgiving amd lets have some cheerful posts. Cause I said so.

at: 2:02 PM said...

Is your post a country song? Cause you got all the ingredients for a good one.

But the dog didn't leave.

Oh well, the man left. It was a ReapairMAN, but that counts in my book.

Now lets have an online sing-along. Maybe a Reba tune?

Anybody want to start "Fancy"?

I remember it all very well lookin' back ...



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