Monday, October 20, 2008

*major props.

A sister magazine—with a bigger budget than the one I work for—had a prop sale today. I love a prop sale, even though they usually consist of mismatched dishes, odd-number sets of things, and "gently used" items. My cabinets are full of things I rarely use, only because I was blinded by a bargain or convinced I would use it for something.

Today I scored a pretty Le Creuset pot with no lid. Even though it was incomplete, I couldn't resist the brand name. Which brings my Le Creuset collection up to four pieces: two casserole dishes, this topless wonder, and a solitary French onion soup pot I usually make single servings of cheese grits in. So far people have recommended I fill this new acquisition with macaroni and cheese, soup, or a pot pie. Not all at one time.

Cost: $2.00

I also picked up this salad keeper, because I've been bringing salads for lunch pretty often lately (they're kind on the budget).

The silverware is flimsy at best, but suggests you toss it and use the space to hold a snack bar. I see Cheez-its in there in the future. But I particularly appreciate this little feature: an ice pack for keeping the salad cool, and a separate compartment with a nifty trap door for dressing.

Cost: $0.50

I know I've mentioned before that the Woodside homestead currently holds 13 chairs, but ... I bought more. I couldn't resist their shapeliness! And they're West Elm, so I got them for a steal. I don't have the foggiest idea what to do with them. Any ideas? Southern Foody, help! I need your designspertise.

Or maybe I'll just hawk 'em. Leave your bids in the comments section. I will accept cash, check, or dinners out.

Cost: $10 apiece

TOTAL: $22.50

Not bad, eh? I'll just have to sell J to finance it—no big.

**In a more serious vein, I want to wish an enormous happy happy day to L Sis and MJ.

MJ, I'm so lucky L Sis brought you into our lives. I love you like a brother, even though you root for the Cowboys, incessantly make the tuba noise, and mock me mercilessly during board games. The fact that you give me three beautiful nieces is icing on an already sweet cake.

L Sis, you are my own personal rock-star-hero-awe-inspirer. Even though you are far more grown-up than I am and made yourself a terrific new family, you always make me feel like a part of it. You are living the good, hard, solid, hilarious life, and you make it look effortless. I love you both!


Juarez Family says:
at: 3:43 PM said...

Awww you got me teary at work! Thanks sister.

What's Next? says:
at: 3:59 PM said...

I LOVE this stuff! too too too cool. And those chairs are AWESOME! Great bargain hunting my friend.

John-Bryan Hopkins says:
at: 5:46 PM said...

so i think the 2 chairs would look good next to bar........

I'll take some leftovers!!!

can you BELIEVE it was a year ago!!

kate says:
at: 8:41 PM said...

1. the lighting at 2100 is somewhat spectacular--even with the blaring flourescents.

2. i can't beeelieve it's been a year since your sis's big day. seems like we were just ooh'ing and aah'ing over the pics :).

3. in corporate language--i heart CL.



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