Thursday, May 27, 2010


As I write this, I am coming off the heels of three consecutive 12-hour workdays.

stella fling 5.

That means all of my meals have come out of my freezer, all of my free time has been spent staring dazedly and without comprehension at Who's the Boss? reruns (which we can agree aren't at the far end of the comprehension scale), and all of my energy has been focused on ignoring the fact that the dog has developed what is either a twitch born of neglect or an incurable itch born of stink.

stella fling 6.

BUT! Production on the July/August issue is rolling to a close.

stella fling 1.

I can see the holiday weekend there, on the horizon, just out of reach.

stella fling 2.

Three spectacular days of breathing unrecycled air, basking in non-fluorescent lights, and reading, not editing.

stella fling 4.


stella fling 3.

Oh, and just because I liked it:





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I am a work in progress. I perpetually need a hair cut. I'm totally devoted to my remarkable nieces and nephew. I am an elementary home cook and a magazine worker bee. (Please criticize my syntax and spelling in the comments.) I think my dog is hilarious. I like chicken and spicy things. I have difficulty being a grown-up. Left to my own devices, I will eat enormous amounts of cheese snacks of all kinds.