Wednesday, January 20, 2010

*girl power.

My friend JULIE has a 4-year-old son named Alex. Alex is a prodigy, a speaker of full sentences at 9 months old, born a big-eyed, bald-headed genius with a propensity for heart-breaking.

Alex's legendary vocabulary has become my vernacular; he is responsible for "issat newiss?" (what's that noise?), "ee-pahd" (iPod), "motor troll" (remote control), and "wha hoppeen?" (what happened?). He is stubbornly literal and rigid, as 4-year-olds are wont to be, and funnier and more sensitive than he has any right to be.

He's in for the surprise of his life.

JULIE found out today that the fetal project she's been working on for the past 20 weeks is going to be a girl.

grandpa grins.

Thankfully Alex has chosen a gender-neutral name for his sibling-to-be: Termie.


I am so thrilled for her, and for her family, and for the opportunity to watch what happens when daddies have daughters.

Mr. JULIE is in big trouble.


You can track the B family's journey, and Alex's exploits, here, at JULIE's blog.

black & white booty.

And since you're already procrastinating, stop by LSiS's Internet homespace, here. They're each giving the world a smart, wise-cracking, take-no-prisoners lady and some absolutely undone dads and grandpas.

Thank heavens.


Juarez Family says:
at: 3:54 PM said...

Hooray for pink ribbons and bows and hooray for Julie!

What's Next? says:
at: 4:34 PM said...

I went to Julie's blog to say Woo Hoo! but she had not posted there yet that she was having a girl and I was afraid I would blow it for someone. So I hope she reads this and sees how happy I am for her. I love Termie ... that is almost Ermie, which most know is a VERY special name.

Julie says:
at: 4:39 PM said...

Thanks K., I heart this, and you. And thank you Jeannie and Juarez Family!



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