Wednesday, October 07, 2009

*cute loot.

Remember when I lost all of my marbles while managing pups on parole because I have zero tolerance for stressors and was born without coping skills?

LSis made it up to me.

Her canine companion, Layla "The Nose" Beagle, stayed with me the longest of all the lovable terrors, fitting because she has a tendency to scamper the mile to my house when it rains and is often affectionately known as J's girlfriend. He loves a cougar.

Ever indebted to her loving, flawless sister, LSis tripped over to Anthropologie to buy me a gift worthy of my incredible sacrifice.

Or she was tired of the whining.

This timer is my favorite shade of yellow and replaces the screeching chicken timer that I adore but which has been relegated to angry poultry decor after a stint on the stovetop while the oven was on rendered it melted and useless as a timing device.

old timer.

It also has a timeless retro style, just like me.

I also got beautiful ceramic measuring spoons in flabbergasting colors that are just like the ones Giada de Laurentiis has, which I'm pretty sure indicates that I will be a Food Network star any minute.


Also, as evidenced by the tiny "pinch" spoon, they are cheeky and impertinent, just like me.

And there was a potholder, each side prettier than the next, one with a gasp-worthy pattern

pretty pattern.

and the other with my very favorite motif—squatty birds.


Looks good coming and going, just like me.

Thank you, LSis! You know me well. Now you can never keep J because if turnabout is fair play I'll have to buy you a car.

P.S. F family, remember this? The chicken AH LAH pita from Big John's Deli. A dose of nostalgia in the middle of my Wednesday workday.

ah lah.




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