Tuesday, September 15, 2009

*pretty in pink.

It isn't polite (or easy, I wouldn't imagine) to toot one's own horn, so I offer this caveat—LSis' baby shower was primarily lovely because LSis is herself gorgeous, and because MW has utterly enviable photography skills.

I almost don't recognize the Woodside.

The "garland," a sweet clothesline of onesies for Mama-to-be to take home (full disclosure: Wal Mart, only $3.50 for all three!):

Shower 01

Shower 08

The food, healthy snacks and richer fare, with sandwiches cut into fourths and then skewered for presentation and tidiness purposes (how amazing is the china my grandmother gave me?):

Shower 02

Pretty little orzo salads, all in a row (some of my vegetarian guests don't eat fish, so I omitted the shrimp, but it stood on its own quite nicely and was one of the favorite menu items):

Shower 03

Favors—no one knew what craziness lurked inside (I love the blown-out window light in this one):

Shower 04

LSis had quite a haul:

Shower 05

including a kangaroo JLB lovingly toted all the way from Australia for baby Stella:

Shower 10a

Someone brought a
baby to a baby shower, which, in the case of this particular baby, was downright genius:

Shower 11

My paper chain:

Shower 06

I think MW really captured this beautifully, especially the texture of the metal tile:

Shower 26a

and somehow managed to make my handwriting look legible:

Shower 28

but this is maybe my favorite—with its visible staples and 4-year-old construction methods, it still manages to look exactly like what it was, which was earnest effort:

Shower 27

And so completely worth it.

Shower 20

All photos courtesy of MW, photo prodigy of unparalleled talent. We regret to inform her that she's probably not going to stop hearing "Will you take pictures?" anytime soon.


at: 9:26 PM said...

I would say that you and MW make quite a team. Do you hire out???

at: 1:09 PM said...

Thank you for the compliments! I have to admit, it's very easy to take pretty pictures when someone decorates as beautifully as you do!

kate says:
at: 8:14 PM said...

I only know one MW . . . and I miss her dearly :o(. Is there another MW in your life other than the one I know about??

Beautiful decorating! The coolest baby shower decorations I've seen :o).



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