Tuesday, September 22, 2009

*finish line.

You know, it feels like I'm forgetting something. Like something is rattling around unaccomplished in the myriad empty crannies of my brain. I set the alarm when I left the house. I haven't cooked anything in years, so the oven isn't on. I'm wearing underpants. What could it be?

bath batch 1 (6).

OH! Right, that. That does not look so much like that anymore. That looks like this.

bath batch 4 (3).

Remember the floor?

batch batch 1 (4).

I know, I know. Of course you remember the floor.

Well, a few coats of porch and patio paint, and it's a whole new surface.

bath batch 4 (6).

The grout lines held up under a coat of primer and three coats of gray, which is nice. Unfortunately, there was a tiny accident this weekend that gouged the paint up, so it will have to be patched. But that's small potatoes compared to what I had before.

bath batch 1 (5).

Lord. I wore shower shoes in college, and it was cleaner than that.

I'm really pleased with the way the mirror turned out. I had no quibble with the existing one, really. It was aesthetically inoffensive, and it did its job, in that it adequately ... reflected things.

bath batch 1 (3).

But TwinFin was gracious enough to come hang my new one, which is a vast improvement. It multitasks as lighting and mirror, thanks to fixtures that act as sconces but connect to a single junction box (no gouging into walls!).

bath batch 4 (7).

Ooooh ... pretty.

bath batch 4 (1).

The vanity stayed, touched up with Old English and Tilex.

bath batch 4 (4).

An improvement, you think?

bath batch 4 (2).

Hm, let's check.

bath batch 1 (2).

GAH! Warning, please! This might make a good guessing game, come to think of it. A nice Facebook quiz I can title "K Slobbishness or Crime Scene?"

Because I know you haven't forgotten this.

bath batch 1 (1).

Haunts your dreams, no?

Well, check it out:

bath batch 4 (5).


I rock. Though, seriously, all thanks go to S&M and Twinfin, without whom the Woodside could never again have been considered fit for humans.

Now everybody come visit! Only ... call first. I tend not to do the dishes. Or wear pants.


Lee Ann Massey says:
at: 4:47 PM said...

great work. i had no idea patio paint could be applied to old tile on a floor like that. good to know for future reference. it looks awesome!

Kay Fuston
at: 10:27 PM said...

Katie, It looks great! How'd you get the tile grout in the tub clean?

K. says:
at: 4:31 PM said...

hi kay!

the easiest way to get the tile grout clean was ... to remove the grout completely. =) where the tub met the wall, that is. it pulled off without much complaint because it was relatively crappily applied. then we just re-grouted!

the shower walls themselves didn't have dirty grout because they were painted by a previous owner. so there was no exposed grout to speak of (thank heavens).



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