Tuesday, August 25, 2009

*hungry, i's.

Can you get pregnant from eye contact? Because something has shifted in me and I am suddenly ravenous. And it's not anything-will-do hunger, either. The cravings are specific, and strong, and change so quickly and precisely that I can name The Thing I Want at any given moment with startling accuracy.

I want this.

Waffle Fries

And this.

Tuna Niçoise Salad

And this.

Homemade Pizza: Egg, Spinach, Proscuitto, and Shallots

And this.

Bagel with lox

And this.

black bean soup

And oh my stars this.

kadoma tuna.

And this.

Grilled cheese w/ caramelized onions, whole grain mustard, and tomatoes on homemade anadama bread

All I can think about is food. It's not good for the attention span, the job performance, or the thighs, but I seem to have descended into some sort of digestive madness.

It's like gustatory Tourette's.


I need medication.


kate says:
at: 8:57 PM said...

moi aussi!

Jenny Walls Robb says:
at: 8:44 AM said...

story of my life. I want all of those things too!



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