Thursday, July 23, 2009

*water water everywhere.

I can't complain too stridently about the weather here lately, because the temperatures have been 10 degrees below normal with a precocious breeze. But yesterday we had a pissy little rainstorm, and today it is oppressive. Sure, 82 degrees is nothing to cry about, but 62 percent humidity?

That's walking through an armpit, is what that is.

What that means, for those of you who live in temperate climes, is that everything is wet.

fallin' on my head.

Sure, some of it can be pretty.

dew flower.

But the grass on the Woodside is being choked out by weeds, the plants are growing gangly and untended, and whole swaths of vegetation have surrendered to repeated canine stampedes, yet I've somehow managed to grow fungus the size of dinner plates.


shy shroom.


These things grow like other people's children—bigger and more monstrous every time you attempt to annihilate them.

princess jasmine.

Nothing is free from the assault of moisture.


And just a few weeks ago, this appeared outside a neighborhood house of worship.


Should I be worried?


Southern Foodette says:
at: 2:46 PM said...

Are you annihilating other people's children again? Do we need to talk about this?

JW says that faries live under the big mushrooms and throws a fit when Mark mows the lawn.



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