Monday, June 29, 2009

*veg out.

On a scale of one to Monday, this day is kicking my ass. It makes me long achingly for the weekend, where the hours were blistering and lazy and the bad decisions were easier to take (possibly because they were my responsibility).

Here's a little slide show to reminder myself that this is a short week and I, I will survive.

toppin' nod.

deviled eggs with tapenade, lunch at Bottega

little ears.

orechiette with shrimp, zucchini, and spicy peppers, lunch at Bottega


an attempt at Ina's salted-radishes-with-bread-and-butter appetizer, which she says is oh so French. I like radishes, myself, but there was something half-baked about this concept. I'm certain it wasn't operator error.

rad dish.

But look what a pretty color the radishes turn the salt! (Note: The half-baked nature of the finished product slowed TFin and me down not at all.)


The Lord's gift to palates: garlic, roasted to death and smeared on bread with butter. Get this: Butter not even necessary. I KNOW. Blasphemy.

green sprouts.

beautiful Brussels sprouts, which also got the Ina treatment—scorched in a 400-degree oven for 35 minutes until they crackle and snap like potato chips and liberally salted for maximum effect.

king bean.

lima beans. Be still, my heart.

lady peas.

lady peas, blushing and sweet


polished corn kernels all in a row, putting my teeth to shame. And reminding me I need to whiten.

OK now, Friday. Come to mama.


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at: 4:21 PM said...

So the brussels, easy and really good?



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