Monday, April 13, 2009

two by two.

It's Monday. I'm running on three hours of sleep, a bagel the size of my head, two abjectly lackluster vending machine snacks, and more caffeine than my cerebral cortex (such as it is) can manage. My throat is sore, the white noise from the air-conditioning is making me dizzy, and I have an after-work date with Turbo Tax.

Saturday the Woodside saw its first yard work in a year, thanks to the inimitable spirit, extreme good nature, and intestinal fortitude of S&M. The transformation was shocking, and I plan to bore you with photographic evidence to that effect soon. But here are some shots from the weekend to fortify you in the meantime.

Oh, and also to inspire you to contribute to the K Needs Photoshop fund. Just send checking account routing information to (Note: The last pair needed no adjustment. J is organically adorable.)

sunny side up.

egg craters.

gnome alone.


nest unrest.



kate says:
at: 1:13 PM said...

great photoshop work!! that's amazing. got pretty cool software on those schwanky macs at work, eh ? :)

hope you're not working this weekend--far too pretty to be inside!



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