Wednesday, February 18, 2009

*moody miscellany.

Look what TwinFin did! (Read about it here.)

OK, yes, I'm stalling. Last Monday I told the Twitterverse that I was completely off my rhythm that week, and the feeling persists.

Plus I just took a break to determine the source of my you-have-an-e-mail ping! and discovered this in my inbox. Apparently chronic loneliness makes you fat and ill. "Lonely people feel a hunger," sayeth the researcher for whom English is apparently a second language. What a shame. And after Cher wrote us all that lovely song, too.

Know what else is making you fat? This guy does.

I couldn't resist submitting this bit of loveliness, courtesy of Mafiaoza's:

macaroni and cheese with jalapeƱos and gorgonzola, deep-fried and served with vodka cream sauce (for dipping, natch).

Of course I didn't eat that. I have standards.

(Note: That last bit was a lie. I did eat it. I have stretchy pants where my standards should be.)

Bye, y'all.




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