Tuesday, November 04, 2008

*i's have it.

Wearing it on my hand makes me feel like I'm at third-grade skate night, but the darn things never adhere to me. Am I made of Teflon? I was accused of that recently ...

I was in and out, problem-free. No ACORN people handing out muffins or pots of gold, unfortunately. L Sis has been in line for 45 minutes, and they just told her they think it will be an additional two hours.

Frustrating or inspiring?

Guess what—it's election day. YOU DECIDE.

*economic futility to come later in the day!


What's Next? says:
at: 10:53 AM said...

Well quite a line at my place. Not a lot of diversity of colors. But they were running em through pretty fast! I ran into my backyard neighbors walking down. How funny is that? We caught up on all of the neighborhood gossip. Yeah I know ... I always find someone to talk to.

at: 1:17 PM said...

Being Teflon is a COMPLIMENT. Having a "Teflon mind" is a key component to Observing, the first step to taking control of your states of mind. My therapist would congratulate you for it. Were it true.



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