Thursday, November 13, 2008

*horror picture show.

Yesterday: Up until a ridiculous hour in the morning, giggling over Cabernet with ladyfriends.

Today: Running on very few functioning cylinders and recharging for tomorrow night's FIESTA with LSis and TFin (and JLB in spirit. Get well soon!).

Result: Brain cell depletion requiring haikus.

Oh delicious chips
Your low-fat dip delights me
Greek yogurt kicks ass.

Camera feature makes
diabolical taters
out of lovely spuds.

Accursed tofu.
Although you claimed otherwise,
you're not a burger.

Nightmarish photo
for the purpose of showing
the patties of doom.

Pretty autumn leaves
do little to distract you—
this post is crappy.


kate says:
at: 2:59 PM said...

my brain is functioning on that level today too! Very Falkner-meets- . . . . a 5-year-old :).

Juarez Family says:
at: 3:14 PM said...

mmm potato chips. ewwwwwww non-burgers.

at: 6:51 PM said...

yummy. giggling over cabernet is the best.

John-Bryan Hopkins says:
at: 7:02 AM said...



need I say more



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