Sunday, October 26, 2008

*days of the weak.

Oh, Mondays, but you ARE a cruel mistress. The past two days have been a delicious escape from reality. Re-entry will be bumpy, but there was goodness.

1. It was wicked beautiful all weekend. The kind of loveliness that rests on this corner of the nation for only a few weeks per year, but carries with it the scent of burning fires, blistering burgers, and lurking chill. Le sigh.

2. T-Fin called today to confirm the spelling of his granddaughter's nickname for the purpose of personalizing a birthday gift. When JBSH somehow managed to misunderstand the directions, dadders grumped, "Well go back in there and PAY THEM TO PUT AN 'E' ON IT." Which made me laugh.

3. The Mad Men season finale is tonight, and there's a 100% chance it will be more compelling than last week's episode. In that it could not possibly be less variously dull, frustrating, and heavy-handed.

4. I discovered that you can play this for three straight hours while gluttonously shoveling irresponsible amounts of Mexican food into your face. You will suffer hours of heartburn and regret, but you will have stupid fun.

5. The Dog Formerly Known as Disappointing was, while not an angel, truly well behaved at the company 5K walk on Saturday. Four-legged friends ran wild, and J managed to resist ripping anyone's face off. Social awkwardness can now be ranked as hovering around Woody Allen levels. He's not George Clooney disarming yet, but it's a step up from Jeff Conaway.

Only spot of gray on the horizon: I just paid October's bills, and I'm officially out of funds. Down to the last rotten cent. But I don't have to worry about that until tomorrow. Thank heavens for small favors.


John-Bryan Hopkins says:
at: 8:42 AM said...

E understand what you are saying

.....I mean I understand.....I did it again!!!!!


Juarez Family says:
at: 11:28 AM said...

I didn't know Dad had a niece with a nickname starting with an E......

K. says:
at: 11:35 AM said...

oh i fixed it, smarty pants. i find family trees a smidge confusing.



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