Friday, September 12, 2008

*wonky ear.

Asymmetry for the win.

Against all odds, this week is over. No freelance projects, no extra real job work, no obligations on the Woodside. Just J and The Fat Man, and a sort of cockeyed optimism.

Wish me luck!


at: 7:09 PM said...

Cockeyed optimism is the best kind, and wonky ears combined with forehead wrinkles are irresistible. Always wishing you luck...

at: 10:37 AM said...

not highly religious, but i am spiritual enough to say amen for that. surviving this week is quite the accomplishment ;).

pets to J.--symmetry is overrated.

K. says:
at: 3:06 PM said...

the other k: and yet another one begins again ... oy vey.



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