Sunday, September 28, 2008

*sidewalk sale.

S and I spent the weekend touring the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, the local film fest now in its 10th year. I'm embarrassed to say I've never been before, and even more embarrassed to admit I officially don't have the stamina for it. Grand total amount of time spent in the dark? 11:20. That'd be 11 hours, over the course of two days. It's remarkably exhausting for such a sedentary endeavor.

But we wrapped up the cinemastravaganza with Pageant, which was fun and fascinating (the scaffolding under those dresses makes you glad God did the work for us biological ladies, but I now want to wear false eyelashes as an everyday accessory).

This grandma came packing snacks in her purse ($3 for movie popcorn? No thank you. I'm all set with my Ziploc of Walgreen's Cheez-Its). But S was hungry, and we'd passed this

on the way in. Outside the Alabama College of Barber Instruction, these smarties had sensed the Sidewalk business opportunity and were purveying their barbecued wares.

That smidge of an orange in the lower right-hand corner was the most ingenious idea: A box fan, strategically placed to send the smoky aroma down the block. The line was all glazed eyes and drool.

Most of S's and my pre-movie conversation went like this:

S: So ...

K: Hm?

S: I wonder if they'll still be there when we leave ...

K: Mmm.

[5 minutes later]

S: Hey.

K: Hm?

S: Did you see those baked beans?

K: Ha!

S: Seriously, I hope they still have beans.

[5 minutes later]

S: Hey, K?

K: Hm?

S: Do you mind if we stop for barbecue when we leave?

Et cetera.

The portions were nothing if not generous:

Lots of people were opting for the more-portable hot dog offering, but S was determined to have her ribs. They came with the coveted baked beans, some cole slaw, and the ubiquitous stick-to-your-palate white bread, suitable for sauce sopping.

I watched it all good-humoredly. I was never a barbecue person even when I was a carnivore. But cruise past 4th Avenue between 17th and 18th. If you see the men in red, stop for some tasty pig in the 'ham.

The view ain't bad, either.


John-Bryan Hopkins says:
at: 4:59 PM said...

wish I could have been there but.....

Those long was the movie...

K. says:
at: 7:38 PM said...

she ate AFTER the movie!



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