Tuesday, September 09, 2008

*bacon a cake.

Happy Birthday, Jabba.

ETA: All credit goes to Savage's bakery. I believe it tasted better than this meat cake.


at: 8:51 PM said...

What kind of cake is this & is it your creation?

John-Bryan Hopkins says:
at: 9:18 AM said...

So Mr. Anonymous, I will answer you since it was my Birthday cake. The running joke is that once upon a time I said all I wanted was a big piece of bacon for my birthday......well as you can see I got it!!!! Thanks to my wonderful mom and sister and the help of the legendary Savage's bakery in Homewood Alabama. It was cream icing and red animals were harmed in the making of it....unless you consider the hen for the eggs and the tragic misstep of that chipmunk on my way home from the store....just kidding.....

hope this helps

thanks K

I had a great B day!!!

K. says:
at: 3:36 PM said...

anonymous: that would be gristle.

or mounds of frosting piped for the purpose of making candles stand up straight.

at: 5:39 PM said...


K. says:
at: 3:04 PM said...

anonymous: "inspired" is s's middle name.



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