Saturday, August 09, 2008

*oh, canada.

Looks like Kentucky Fried Chickens in the land of our neighbor to the north will now be offering a sandwich made with fake chicken!

Credit: George Pimentel/WireImage

A decision lauded by a fake woman.

Vegetarianism is healthy. PETA is scary.


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Great to see the woodside back in action. I missed both the humor and the reciepes. And with respect to your irreverance, the more blasphemous the better!

Despite my great respect for your work, I'm afraid that I am one of those readers who does not appreciate the virtues of the avacado. I don't like their color, texture or taste. However, I am a huge fan of onions so please don't hesitate to "get your vidalia on" in some future posting.

On the plus side, I share your belief in the theraputic benefits of chopping veggies. And, what a coincidence, I have only recently started to use an old canvas BAM tote on my daily trips to Publix and/or Fresh Market.

Finally, in keeping with the tradion of saying "HUH?" at least once while reading each of your columns, what does it mean to "go all Lennie?" All I could think of is Lenny and Squiggie from the TV show Laverne & Shirley. I doubt that you would even remember that show (and it's really better that way).

DWG -I'm only anonymous because I can't remember my password

K. says:
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that'd be a steinbeck reference, dear sir!

cautionary tale: chopping vegetables is not *quite* as therapeutic if you chop less veg, more finger.



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